Directions: Please go in chronological order (1-5), and use headphones and work independently.

1.Homophone Car Rally

When done go to #2

2. Paste Tense Target Practice

When done go to #3

3. Kick it Vocabulary

When done go to #4

4. Give Free Rice Multiplication

Theme Park Data

When done go to #5

5. Open Internet Explorer,

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Week 1 of August 13th
  • Computer Lab Rules
  • Introducing the New Website
  • Assignment

Week 2 of August 20th

Week 3 of August 27th

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Computer Hardware
ABCya Word Cloud

Weeks of September 2

Its all about Internet Safety, Browser and MS Word

Review Browser Tools
Name four popular browsers
What is an address bar? Where is it?

Refresh / Reload If you went back to a previous page, you
should click on this button to go to the next
Forward Loads the page again.
Back Lets you make the browser window larger
or smaller.
Resize Takes you to the last page you were looking at.

Learn More About Internet Safety Scavenger Hunt


Week of September 9

Search Mission

September 11th

Week of September 16

Mix Match Up

Week of September 23-October 8

All assignments for this period is on the link below (or in the navigation list on the top right)

Week of October 8

(Columbus Day is on October 8th)

Students will create a powerpoint presentation with information about Christopher Columbus.

Below are your questions for the slide title (you may change them and put into your own words)

  • Who is Columbus?

  • What was his accomplishments? Why was he important?

  • Why do we celebrate the Holiday?

  • Resources

Add pictures (1 or 2)

Add your resources to the resource page.

When done with Christopher Columbus

Week Of October 21

5th Grade

Simple Machines
Create PowerPoint Presentation on the Six Simple Machines with Resource Page
Begin setting up the PowerPoint (Title with Title and your name), and place name of simple machines as the title (Pulley , Lever , Wedge, Wheel and Axel, Incline Plane, and Screw)
Define each machine and give an example (clipart or website)

4th Grade (Intro)

Phases of the Moon

Create PowerPoint Presentation on the phrases of the moon with Resource Page
Begin setting up the PowerPoint (Title with Title and your name) and place name of each phases as the title.
Describe each phase and include one picture

3rd Grade (Intro)

Urban, Suburb, and Rural Areas

Create an ABC Fall Book in PowerPoint. This book will go to all Kindergarten Students. Keep it Positive and Simple!

Title slide is called ABC Fall Book
You may use blank slides or Title and Text Slides for each letter. One picture is required.

Cyber Bullying is here

Rock Cycle

Study Jam

Create a Poster of the Rock Cycle

Week of November 18th (Continues)

Shop for a Thanksgiving Feast
Create a Thanksgiving Dinner Budget using a Spreadsheet
Food Lion Ad

Spreadsheet Charts

Pie Charts -- are used to show percentages. For example, a pie chart could be used to show what percentage of your total daily calorie intake is represented by one quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger.

Column Charts -- are used to show comparisons between items of data. Each column in the chart represents the value of one item of data. An example of this would be to compare the calories in a quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger with the calories in a glass of water and a bowl of beet greens.

Bar Charts -- are very similar to column charts, except they run horizontally on the page instead of vertically like column charts.

Line Charts -- are used to show trends over time. Each line in the graph shows the changes in the value of one item of data. For example you could show changes in your weight over a period of months as a result of eating a quadruple cheese and bacon hamburger every day for lunch.

Week of November 26

Show Score for each Scramble
Sentence Scramble (1-5)
Sentence Scramble (1-5)
Sentence Scramble (1-5)

Show Score for each Contraction (12/12=100)
Try I'll=I will
Try n't=_ not

Week of December 10

Christmas Budget

Toys R Us

Create Christmas Recipe in Word

Add Clipart and Border
Christmas Recipes