Compare two sites about Christopher Columbus

Follow the steps as you examin the web sites:
read through the information on Site A. Does it seem accurate to you?Why or Why not?
Read throught Site B. Does this data seem accurate? Why or Why not?

which site is a better source of accurate information?
which clues helped you make that decision

1. Are the facts correct?
2.Who wrote this stuff?
Reliable sources
perform a research on the author

Wikis are websites that can be edited by anyone, Not everyone who helps edicat a wiki page is an expert. In fact peorple might post incorrect information. Many times you cannot track down informatrion about the people who edia a wiki. For this reasons many teachers will not let you use wikis for research.

3. why is this web stie here

knowing the sites purpose can help you decide if it fits your needs. Is this site made for children or adults?
is the text full of difficult vocabulary>

Blogs are like online journals. they offten contain opiniosn rather than facts. You might e able to tell if a site is a blog by looking at the url.

4. judging a website by its cover