Introduction to Spreadsheet

What is a Spreadsheet? It is a powerful tool for orgranizing information.

What are they for?They are used to carry out lots of calculations quickly and to store large amouns of information for a range of purposes.

What can they do? Once you know how to do it they can do almost any math that you could need!
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Spreadsheet Terms
Cell Address
= + - * /
Charts: Bar, Pie, Line

Charts Defined
A bar chart
A bar chart

Bar Chart is a great way to understand the relationship between two or more things. with the bar graph, you can quickly look at the graph and understand some important information about the topic of the graph. It is important that every graph has a title and that both x and y axis indicates what each one measures.

A pie chart
A pie chart

Pie Chart also called a pie graph, is an excellent tool for getting an idea of how the data is related just by looking at the picture. a pie chart is a great way to understand how something breaks down by percentage. a cirlec or pie reprents. if you cut a pie into four pieces, each piece is 1/4 or 255 but if you cut a pie into 10 piences, each peice is 1/10 or 10%.

external image line-chart-web.png
A line chart is a great way to show how something changes over time. The horizontal or x axis of the line graph is a straight line that goes from left to right and marks the units of time. The vertical or y axis is a straight line that goes up and marks the units of measurments. The starting point is zero.

Spreadsheet Practice
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